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Friends of the Sheriff

About Friends of the Sheriff

The “Friends of the Sheriff” could potentially be the most innovative concept in Hunt County Law Enforcement history. In today’s society, nearly everyone has access to a computer. Of those who do not, most of them have access to a cell phone. There are more than 80,000 residents of Hunt County. If only 10% of these would commit to be a part of this endeavor, there would be more than 8,000 people committed to helping the Sheriff’s Office.

The “Friends of the Sheriff” is essentially a huge email/text message list and “virtual neighborhood watch” program that would be placed into action in a multitude of ways. Here are a few just to start…

ACTIVE CRIME ALERTS – Imagine a scenario where a deputy is dispatched to a residential community; let’s say Panorama Estates in south Hunt County, to a burglary in progress call. The information states that two suspects were just seen breaking into a home. They leave soon thereafter. With a good description and a quick response, we stand a chance of apprehending them. Keep in mind however, that we may have only 2 or 3 “sets of eyes” (deputies) responding. Imagine for a moment that at the click of a mouse a message such as “be on the lookout for an older model Chevrolet Pickup last seen on Northshore Blvd approaching Morris Street” is sent to your email account, or arrives as a text message on your phone in real time. Now there are 8000 and 3 “sets of eyes” looking and we exponentially improved our chances of locating the suspects.

EMERGENCY INFORMATION ALERTS – You could be kept up to date by the same method for emergency weather statements, flood warnings, tornado warnings and other similar vital information. You would be notified of any local or regional Amber alerts. You would be notified of road closings because of accidents, fires or natural disasters. You could become a vital informed partner in the public safety in Hunt County. We would also make our list available for other agencies use for public benefit. For example, school closings.

CRIMINAL ACTIVITY UPDATES – Wouldn’t it be nice to know if a string of burglaries or copper thefts were occurring in your area? Wouldn’t it be great to know if there were descriptions of specific vehicles or descriptions of persons to watch for? Wouldn’t it be awesome to get this information at nearly the same time that Law Enforcement does? Wouldn’t we all love for the criminals to know we are all watching and working together?

MONTHLY CRIME PREVENTION TIPS – Each month a feature article would be submitted to all email recipients. Included would be topics such as “How To Make Your Car Harder To Steal”, or ‘Steps to Prevent Identity Theft”. These would be offered from crime preventions specialists both local, and national. They would then be archived into a searchable database linked to the Sheriff’s Office web page.

And remember, this is just a start! The “Friends of the Sheriff”: perhaps the most innovative concept in Hunt County Law Enforcement history.


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