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Friends of the Sheriff
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To the Friends of the Sheriff…

Many of us have once again witnessed the brutal nature and ugliness of Hunt County politics.  Much of what you saw publicly trickled down to the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office, although I do not believe intentionally.  I am pleased that Randy has made the first step toward his next term, and I am especially proud of his stance separating law enforcement from politics.  “It’s not about politics; it’s about doing the right thing.  It’s about law enforcement”.

In that spirit I have created a video to express our (the normal citizens) gratitude to the regular men and women who make the choice to put on a badge every day and risk their lives for us, and for so very little money.  This video is posted on the home page of the Friends of the Sheriff (www.friendsofthesheriff.com).  It will also play at the end of the video loop shown at the Hunt County SO booth at the Hunt County fair beginning next weekend.  The Sheriff’s booth will be staffed all week by Hunt County Sheriff’s Office Employees donating their time.

I would like to say thank you, and I need your help.

Would you consider taking a few moments and constructing a return email?  Share some words of encouragement to the normal folks, just like me and you, who really need your encouragement.  You might even be creative with this.  Have your children draw a picture or send a note, scan it and attach it.  I will print them and make your notes available to them. You can also bring them by if you attend the fair and present it personally.  All the responses will be placed in a box for all the volunteers to read.

Here’s my pledge to you… NONE OF THIS WILL EVER BE USED POLITICALLY IN ANY WAY.  Your notes will not be posted or shared, except between the SO staff.  This is merely a chance for us to really be a “Friend of the Sheriff” to the employees who could use a little encouragement. Will you help?


Joe Knight

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