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Friends of the Sheriff
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Friends of the Sheriff REBOOT

To all,

This is Joe KNIGHT, regular citizen!  All of us have been frustrated by our computers at one time or another.  Sometimes, no matter how hard we try or what we do, we just can’t get them to accomplish what we set out to.  Often there remains only one option… ctl/alt/delete, or worse yet.. PULL THE PLUG…reboot…and start over.  In many ways that is exactly what we are doing with the Friends of The Sheriff…a “reboot!”

What we are doing is a hard right turn… a hard right turn back to what this website, texting and email list was always supposed to be.  It is an opportunity for us to truly become a “Friend Of The Sheriff.”  Unfortunately, as so many things do in our County, it was used for political fodder.  Please take a minute and read this email or post (dependent on where you’re looking at this).  As always, you can reference the email, or send us a separate email with UNSUBSCRIBE in the body.   The Friends of the Sheriff list represents more than one thousand families in our County, and I know that not everyone is really a “friend” of this Sheriff.  If you are trolling this list merely to find fault and use it to try and hurt Randy or manipulate politics, I fear you will not like all that is coming.

To begin with, let’s clarify a few things.  There has NEVER been any County money spent on this website.  As a matter of fact, it has been my personal money that has funded this endeavor (well, there goes another reward in heaven). Even the website managers are volunteers.

I’m not sure if you’ve even noticed, but one of the last decisions I made before leaving the Sheriff’s Office (SO) was to have the website address removed from all the vehicles.  Now don’t misunderstand, there was nothing wrong or illegal about having it on there…ever.  I know this because, believe it or not, this is another one of the many things that local prosecutors were asked to “investigate”.  They determined it was ok.  Nevertheless, it has been another “bone of contention,” and as such another distraction for Randy to deal with.  I had it removed because of a principle you may recognize… don’t let your good be evil spoken of.

The website will remain much as it is now.  I only have access to events at the SO that you do, but I will continue to share with you as they share with me.  We will begin again to bring crime tips and active alerts as they come available.  We will however discontinue weather alerts.  Seems as if most everyone gets them from multiple places, and they have generated the most complaints.

I am a friend of the Sheriff, and our Sheriff is Randy MEEKS.  I am not ashamed to support his administration.  I am proud of his accomplishments in modernizing the agency.  I am proud to have been a part of the effort to stop open illegal gambling in Hunt County.  I am proud when I read of yet another sucsessful dope raid or money seizure. I am proud that Randy was willing to stand up against even the most powerful of people who wanted the status quo to continue.    I can also say that very few people in this world could ever live up to the scrutiny that he has been paced under.   He has, because he strives to be a good person and please God with his life…and there remains much to do.

Keep in mind, he’s also led this agency into some great sucsesses as well [must have been his Chief Deputy :) ].  And he has done it without the sacrifice of his character.  There was only ever one perfect person in this world, and we know what folks did to Him.

I also plan to continue to be a friend to the men and women who do the real work of a Law Enforcement Officer.  And they do this work for a ridiculously low salary, and in the confines of a grossly underfunded budget.  And guess what, they aren’t perfect either.  But I have seen them work, and had the privilege to walk beside them as they take unbelievable risks night after night.

It would be perfectly fine to promote his reelection on this site.  However to be true to the initial plans, we will not.  If you would like to keep up with Randy’s bid for a second term, here’s a link you can follow; www.randymeeks.com.  If you are a social media person, may I suggest facebook.com/sheriffrandymeeks.  We have an exciting event planned for right around the corner.

Well, that’s enough to get us started.  As for me, many of you have been very gracious to call, email and just ask how I am doing.  I am great!  There is a very encouraging, and enlightening story in the Old Testament about a man who happened to named Joseph, too!  When he was a child, his brothers sold him as a slave and then went back to their father and told him that Joseph was dead.

Years later, Joseph’s life was drastically different.  He was no longer a slave, but a ruler.  His brothers lives were different as well. They were now hungry because of a severe famine and found themselves having to ask the ruler of a neighboring country for food.  When they realized that this ruler was Joseph, now an adult.  It was the same brother they had sold as a slave.  When they finally apologized, Joseph gave a great answer.  Joseph’s words in a paraphrase?  You meant it to me for evil, but God meant it to me for good.

Oh yeah, I did mention God didn’t I?  Let’s remember, this is NOT a government website, never has been.  And besides, I’ve never been ashamed of my Faith, nor have I kept it a secret.  Thanks for joining me as a friend of the Sheriff in support of strong law enforcement in our County.

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