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PRESS RELEASE: Fayne Arrested

The US Marshals Service out of Fresno California reported the arrest this morning of Darin FAYNE of California.  FAYNE is suspected of piloting the “drug plane” abandoned in Hunt County on July 19, 2010.

Shortly after a warrant was obtained by the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office, Investigator Tommy GRANDFIELD approached the US Marshals Office in Dallas requesting assistance in locating this fugitive.  While Law Enforcement continued the search locally, the manhunt literally went nationwide.  FAYNE, a resident of California was believed to be piloting the aircraft that was discovered at Caddo Mills.  Evidence discovered at the scene gave investigators people to contact in Florida as well.  US Marshal teams made contacts and set up surveillance on both coasts.  The weeklong manhunt ended this morning when FAYNE was arrested near his home in California.

FAYNE is charged with possession of Marijuana, a second degree Felony.  He will also soon be charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon against a Public Servant, with the deadly weapon being the aircraft, a first degree felony.  After contact and coordination with multiple federal agencies, this charge arises from the incident at Majors Field in the early morning hours of July 19.  According to statements by the Air Marines, their aircraft landed and was stationary on the runway at Majors. An armed, uniformed Federal Agent deboarded and attempted to approach the Cherokee 140 aircraft believed piloted by FAYNE.  According to the Federal Agent’s report, the Cherokee aircraft accelerated directly at the Federal Agent and the Air Marine plane, with the wing of the suspect plane moving directly underneath the Air Marine Plane.

Hunt County Sheriff Randy MEEKS wishes to express his gratitude and appreciation to all the agencies, state, federal and local that worked to together to make this arrest.  FAYNE is currently in custody in the Fresno County Jail in Fresno California awaiting arraignment and possible return to Hunt County.  Further information may be obtained from ICE and the US Marshall’s Service.

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